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I am a lover of life! I truly am excited about my continued journey of self discovery into what makes me who I am and how I tick! I love to learn, experience, reflect and help.

I have found that my passion for health and wellness stirs not only the desire for myself and my family, but has become a direction and love that God has provided me with to help others achieve their personal strengths in mind, body and spirit. I am continually gaining awareness in all areas of my life and am learning to embrace them fully for what they are and build on them. I strive to be the best that I can be for me, and nobody else!

A full 360 degrees of Holistic Health and Wellness is my desire, passion and calling, not only for myself to be the BEST I can be for ME, but also to assist others attain their desired lives.  I walk with women and men to help them discover the unbalanced areas in their lives, and through various means, we address what is out of balance and work on a plan specific to meet their needs. My zest for this journey has taken me through education in Certified Personal Training & Nutrition, Certification in Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching, Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master/Teacher Certification, as well as 300 hr Certification in Embodiment Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Prenatal Yoga and Prenatal Thai Massage. 

I created Image Plus all encompassing place for you to come and be Inspirationally Motivated About Gaining Empowerment for your Lifestyle.  Let me help you reach your desires through 360 Degrees of  health and wellness.

YOGA as a Lifestyle


Thai Massage as a Lifestyle


360 Degrees of Wellness as a Lifestyle through various modalities including:


1:1 Lifestyle Coaching Programs 


Thai Massage  

Reiki Energy Healing.

Reasons to choose Yoga, Thai Massage & Reiki Energy Healing

Help yourself  begin a journey to a life filled with 360 degrees of wellness


Lowers stress, Boosts energy, Relieves headaches and body pain, Stimulates circulation and better breathing, Improves range of motion, Rejuvenation and meditation, Increases flexibility, Enhances self-awareness

Improves your flexibility

Practicing yoga increases your flexibility, essentially stretching your muscles; the more you stretch, the longer they become. Stretching and having the ability to elongate the muscle is very beneficial. It frees up tension and blood flow, reduces the risk of  headaches or stress and increases your range of motion. With regular practice, you will see improvement in flexibility.

Builds muscle strength

Those who practice yoga are quite strong because of practicing the control needed in the various combinations of poses. The use of straps, bolsters, and balls are just as toning and strength building, as weights because with yoga you are often holding your weight. With regular training, and being able to keep yourself in positions, you will strengthen the muscles in your core, back, arms and legs.

Cardiovascular Health

Your circulatory system, also known as the cardiovascular system, is a network of vessels and organs in your body, which are responsible for oxygen, blood flow, hormones, and nutrients. It is made up of the heart, the lungs, and the systemic highways. With controlled positioning, breathing techniques and muscle targeting exercises, yoga works all three of these systems at the same time and benefits your cardiovascular health a great deal. 

Founds a healthy lifestyle

Thai massage involves being gently moved into yoga-like positions while lying down on a padded floor mat or massage table, fully clothed in loose clothing. Using hands and feet, the therapist follows energy lines in the body and applies pressure with rhythmic movements too. Thai Massage is an essential therapy to promote well-being; a practical way of relaxing the whole self and considered a healing and curative practice.